According to the construction requirements of sponge City, the design objectives of different projects are also different. Generally, the rainwater collection and treatment methods of different underlying surfaces are different. Through the calculation of rainfall volume, the corresponding management mode is adopted to realize the retention and utilization of small and medium-sized rainfall, large and extra large-scale rainfall, and the delayed discharge is carried out after the retention, and the pressure of urban drainage network is reduced by the delayed peak staggering.

We have a professional design team, with more than 3000 project design experience, which can closely link the rainwater system with various aspects of urban management such as roads, buildings, landscapes, etc. We have the ability to make full use of the urban public space (roof, green space, square, park, etc.) and turn it into an infrastructure with rainwater management function through the management strategy of rainwater runoff. We control both water quantity and water quality, form a distributed management network from point to surface, process and use rainwater runoff before it reaches the receiving water body, reduce total runoff, improve runoff quality, supplement groundwater, and help the construction of sponge city.

Planning work
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