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Guanglianda intelligent building industry R & D and industrialization base

Project site: North Central Weiyang District, Xi''an City, Shaanxi Province

Project category: Urban ecological landscape

Project size: 13699㎡

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Project introduction
Project Profile:The base is located in the north central part of Weiyang District of Xi'an, at the intersection of the third North Ring Road of Xi'an and Zhuhong Road, near the North Station of Xi'an. Convenient transportation and flat terrain. Guanglianda's green, energy-saving and intelligent landmark building is the main building in the base. The design aims to create a green ecological, intelligent and beautiful smart park for Guanglianda's office staff by displaying the cutting-edge concept of smart sponge and water-saving operation and maintenance, combining with building functions, styles and colors.
Overall design concept:Build a "n + 1" water-saving quantitative office garden integrating siphon roof rainwater, drainage on the same floor, sponge facilities, rainwater (grey water, tail water, condensate) collection and reuse, unconventional water resources recycling, intelligent water-saving system management and control platform.

Design strategy: in order to achieve the overall goal of water-saving comprehensive utilization, we set out from three aspects of landscape improvement, function improvement and water-saving demonstration, reasonably arrange sponge facilities, give full play to the "water-saving" function and reasonably access and use the existing tail water reuse system. Building a comprehensive water-saving utilization system with landscape function, green space storage, rainwater utilization and sprinkler irrigation.
Water saving system construction design:
Comprehensive consideration shall be given to siphon roof drainage, drainage on the same floor, sponge facilities (green roof, permeable pavement, sunken green land, rainwater garden), rainwater (grey water, tailwater, condensate) collection and recycling and unconventional water resources recycling, to establish a smart water-saving system and build a demonstration Industrial Park of resource conservation and ecological civilization.
General layout of sponge facilities:
According to the requirements of Xi'an sponge city construction, 85% of the total annual runoff control rate is achieved, and the corresponding controlled rainfall thickness is 21.22mm. The total water volume to be controlled in the project area is 246.24m3, including 192.68m3 at the end, 62.68m3 in the arch infiltration channel, 130m3 in the rainwater collection pool, and reused after purification. In the project, sponge facilities such as rainwater garden, sunken green land, grass planting ditch, green roof, pervious pavement and water reservoir are set in combination with the landscape. The water reservoir is located under the rainwater garden in the northeast corner of the green land on the east side. The plastic module assembly buried water reservoir is used. After the rainwater treatment, it is mainly used for greening and site flushing in the base. The design water use cycle is 5 days.
Sponge landscape design:
The landscape plan takes the line form of big data informatization as the design element, combines space and function, and is committed to creating a science and technology industrial park integrating art, science and technology, fashion, vitality and beauty. By using modern digital technology and combining landscape installation art pieces, it shows the advantages of Guanglianda digital information technology, and creates a landscape Installation Office Garden effect.

This case provides the applicability design for the combination of sponge landscape and water-saving system construction, and also provides a model for the space construction of sponge landscape and sustainable water-saving system design. On the premise of meeting the requirements of Xi'an sponge city construction, it is committed to creating a green ecology, intelligent beauty and sustainable technology R & D and innovation base for Guanglianda.