Horizontal Cooperation
Relying on the construction water supply and drainage research branch of China construction society, the sponge City Industrial Innovation Center is established, and the public service platforms and resource sharing platforms such as sponge city technology research and development, standard research, test verification, detection and monitoring, project incubation, information collection, project evaluation and demonstration, achievement exhibition and display are established, as well as the introduction, training, training and exchange of professional talents in sponge city Base.
In August 2016, Zhongguancun Telligreen Sponge City Ecological Homes Industry Alliance was inau- gurated in Beijing. Bearing in mind its mission to “pursue scientific and technological innovation and guide the industry development from Zhong- guancun to the rest of the country”, the alliance pools advantageous resources, actively researches core technologies suitable for the development and overall arrangement of Chinese cities and accelerate the interaction among “industry, academia and re- search community”.
The laboratory relies on Beijing Normal University, Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute, Beijing Water Science and Technology Research Institute, Beijing urban planning and Design Institute and Beijing hydrological station to build a technical support platform. According to the needs of sponge city construction, the surface water and groundwater, water quality and quantity, flood control and drainage, and water resources and water environment comprehensive management are combined to provide an overall solution for sponge city construction.
The park integrates sponge City, zero carbon technology, advanced technology and products of intelligent building.
1#:Technology research and development building,2#:test and detection building,3#: new material building, 4#:smart city building, 5#:high-end equipment building, 5#:energy technology building, 7#:Taining headquarters, 8#:Taining headquarters,international exchange, exhibition, conference center