At present, sponge city construction in China is developing rapidly, and its construction has become a hot issue. The effect of sponge city construction, especially the effect of runoff reduction and control, is the primary standard to measure the construction work, and also the most noteworthy problem
The project land is surrounded by residential land, which is adjacent to Yongning road wetland and Sports Park in the South and about 750 meters away from Yongning road wetland. To the north is the nursery land, and the sports ground is planned.
In order to thoroughly implement the "water saving priority" policy, conscientiously implement the requirements of the general tone of water conservancy reform
    As an important part of landscape design, plants are also the key elements in the construction of sponge city. In the construction of sponge City, priority should be given to the use of "green" facilities such as grass planting ditch,
    Recently, Beijing application scenario construction promotion meeting was held in Zhongguancun Exhibition Center. At the meeting, Beijing released the first ten construction projects of application scenarios,
    Recently, the 2019 academic exchange meeting of Beijing Key Laboratory of urban water cycle and sponge city technology was successfully held in the Beijing building.
    The 2018 International Symposium on sponge city construction will be held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province from September 8 to 10 this year. This will be the global sponge city activity with the highest academic level, the largest organization scale and the largest number of participating countries.
      We are committed to sponge City special design, sponge city planning and consulting, water environment and ecological governance, urban ecological landscape, zero carbon energy-saving buildings, creative villages and other fields, providing comprehensive solutions and full process technical services.
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      Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute is jointly established by Beijing Taining science and technology innovation Rainwater Utilization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Water Science and Technology Research Institute, GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinhe Water Construction Co., Ltd. and experts and scholars in the field of sponge city construction. Through scientific research, consultation, planning, design, operation, monitoring, evaluation and other ways, to provide comprehensive solutions and full process technical services.
      Sponge Institute adheres to the tenet of "all-round technological innovation, full process professional service, multi field high-end leading, multi industry collaborative participation", studies the core technology in line with the strategic development and layout of China''s sponge city construction, develops and promotes the industrialization of relevant products, and gradually establishes the public technical service platform and database of the industry and the international exchange platform.
      Beijing Sponge City Integrated Application and Innovation Center
      In order to gather resources to enhance the technological innovation capacity of sponge city industry, accelerate the construction of high-end industries of sponge City, and accelerate the construction of national science and technology innovation center. Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology approved the establishment of Beijing sponge city application integration industry innovation center based on Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute as the legal entity, combining the upstream and downstream resources of the industry chain, focusing on promoting the research and development and industrialization of the frontier technology, key generic technology and its products of sponge City, and promoting the rapid development of sponge city industry.