• Entrance to junior high school
  • Entrance to junior high school
  • Entrance to junior high school
  • Junior high school fitness area
  • Junior high school fitness area
  • High school fitness area
  • High school fitness area
  • Public activity area of high school and primary school
  • Primary school parking and playground
  • Location plan of Yucai School
  • Rainwater organization chart
  • Sponge flow chart
  • General landscape plan
Beijing Yucai School sponge City Reconstruction & landscape improvement project

Project site: Xicheng District

Project category: Urban ecological landscape

Project size: 6.5ha

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Project introduction

Project background:Beijing Yucai School, founded in Yan'an in 1937, is now located in the imperial garden Xiannong Altar of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is a key school with fine tradition, and also a Beijing high school demonstration school. The first president is Xu Teli, a famous educator in China.

The landscape design of this project relies on the sponge city reconstruction project of Yucai School to improve the campus environment landscape and campus facilities. Show the landscape characteristics of primary school, junior high school and senior high school with different elements, enrich the content of students' extracurricular activities, and ensure the safety of students' activities.

Sponge overall goal: to build a green sponge demonstration project
General principle of sponge: in combination with the overall goal of campus reconstruction (landscape improvement, function improvement, rainwater utilization, sponge demonstration), increase permeable ground pavement, enhance green space storage capacity, improve rainwater collection pipeline system, and configure rainwater recycling facilities. The lid facilities shall be reasonably arranged to give full play to the functions of "seepage, stagnation, storage, purification, use and discharge".
Sponge design strategy:
Reconstruct the damaged pavement and increase the permeable pavement area;

Newly build some rainwater pipelines to improve the current situation of rainwater sewage confluence;

Setting of typical lid facilities (grass planting ditch, rainwater garden, sunken green land);

Integrate landscape improvement, promote and display sponge;

Landscape design concept: to create the overall goal of "landscape + sponge city" demonstration campus; to create a campus environment with complete facilities, perfect functions and beautiful environment, combining with the campus cultural base and retaining the site memory.

Color extraction: the main color of campus reconstruction is selected from Chinese classical royal architecture, red wall, grey tile, glass, Dougong and blue sky, using antique pavement materials, realizing the integration of modern and ancient styles, creating a strong humanistic atmosphere and maintaining the classical charm of the school.
Highlights of landscape design:
"Shaohuayuan" is a comprehensive playground shared by the high school department and the primary school department. With the theme of "thousands of miles of March", the theme of "a history of cultivating talents and ten thousand volumes of poems" is to show the historical footprints of the school following the army to Beijing.

"Changyuan" is a high school fitness area. In combination with the existing trees, it is set as a strip planting pool and a strip seat, which are set apart from the pavement. The south side is a rest area, and the north side is an activity area, which combines dynamic and static. The ancient brick pavement is adopted, which conforms to the charm of the school.

"Qiyuan" is located on the east side of the administrative building of the high school. It is an interactive rainwater garden area. The interactive rainwater garden is set in combination with the terrain. Art rainwater collecting bottles are set at the end of the rainwater riser. Excess rainwater overflows to the rainwater garden. Wooden plank road and platform are set up. Students can observe the interaction here.

The whole area of "Zhiyuan" combines leisure reading with sports. In the west side of the art building of the high school, there are tree pool seats. The inside is a sunken green space for teachers and students to have a rest and exchange. The pavement is the same as the main fitness area of the high school. The antique brick pavement is used. The south side is a colored plastic stadium for students to exercise.