Our technical team

The technical team is jointly established by Beijing Taining Kechuang Rainwater Utilization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Institute of water science and technology, as well as experts in sponge city construction and water environment and water ecological governance. It has special planning, implementation scheme, technical consultation of sponge PPP project, waterlogging control, rainstorm model, rain flood management, non-point source pollution control and water environment ecology Many experts in the field of governance. The technical team has more than 20 regular employees, and more than 85% of them are professional and technical personnel. It has the qualification of engineering planning, consulting, design, technical management, engineering implementation, etc., and has design experience of thousands of rainwater control and comprehensive utilization projects and rich engineering planning and implementation experience. Participated in the application and construction of several pilot cities, and provided feasible planning design and implementation scheme for sponge city construction.

Team size
Personnel ratio