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  • Xiaoqiao jade belt
  • Green feather butterfly spring
  • Plank road with deep cluster
  • Playing wild rice with jade birds
Construction project of river ecosystem in the middle section of Yitong River City -- Landscape Project of circulating contact oxidation pond on the upstream side of Sihua Bridge

Project site: Yitong River Basin, Changchun City, Jilin Province

Project category: Riverside Landscape Design

Project size: 6.235ha

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Project introduction

Project Profile:

The project relies on the ecological treatment project of Yitong River in Changchun City, improves the ecological landscape effect of Sihua bridge area, and creates a comprehensive ecological project integrating ecological treatment, landscape and function improvement. Create a landscape of "poetic and picturesque waterfront, full of flowers, full of spring pond and full of garden; the long river falls on the natural bank, and the sunset rushes towards the manching river alone"

Landscape system:One belt water, multi-point floating, function priority, landscape integration

Design evolution:In form, the design elements are extracted from the wings of flying birds. Through the abstract evolution, the layout form of the water landscape island is formed. Through the occlusion and interleaving of the landscape Island, the requirements of water treatment technology can be met, and the problem of ecological floating island landscape form can be solved at the same time. The clear water model, bird paradise, plump wings, whirlwind wing dance, implies that the ROC spreads its wings, soars to the full and flourishes.

Design highlights:
Green feather butterfly spring: in order to purify the water inlet of the pond, the landscape treatment method is adopted to combine the water inlet with the water drop, and the function of natural aeration is played at the same time. The plant landscape is decorated by the feather Island planting pool to form the green feather butterfly spring landscape node.

Green reclining Pavilion - connected with the shore site through the step path, people can climb up and step into the pool view Pavilion, lean on the fence, or have a leisurely view. There are lots of water and grass, making it an excellent landscape and viewing place, forming the view node of green reclining Pavilion in the view and being seen.

As an important part of the water treatment process, the ecological floating island, in form, abstracts the landscape treatment of wings and wings, with smooth natural curves biting each other and combining with aquatic plants, achieves the purpose of adsorption and purification of water pollution, and aims to soar and form the landscape node of the island.

Xiaoqiao jade belt - as an important channel connecting the East and the west sides of the purification pond, this bridge adopts the shape of an arch bridge, which is natural and smooth, light and elegant, with colorful railings, striking and dazzling, just like a ray of colorful ribbon floating on the water. At dawn, the sun spreads all over the Bank of the Yitong River, standing on the bridge, watching the sun rising slowly, leisurely and cozy; at night, accompanied by a full moon, the shadow of the moon hangs upside down Water, natural and romantic, forms a rare landscape node along the Yitong River.

Jade birds play with wild rice -- wild rice is a general term of water and grass. The ecological floating island is densely planted here. After water treatment and landscape construction, it has become a paradise for birds. All kinds of birds chase and play with water and grass, fly to the sky and disappear in the grass, and become their real home. Naturally, it has become an ideal place for citizens to relax and watch birds Standing on the existing landscape tower to overlook the whole picture of the purification pond, and can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the opposite Yitong River, forming the landscape node of the purification pond.

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