The construction of innovation center system mainly includes core layer, partner layer and radiation layer. On the one hand, we should further absorb the participation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, introduce government, industrial funds and social capital investment, and establish and improve the governance structure. On the other hand, give full play to the advantages of the innovation alliance of government, industry, University, research and application, and build a whole industry chain collaborative innovation alliance covering the integration of planning, technology development, system design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, commissioning and maintenance, and operation management.

The innovation center adopts the whole industrial chain collaborative innovation mode. Advanced technology support is provided by institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and key laboratories, the innovation center is responsible for the transformation of advanced scientific and technological achievements of sponge City, the R & D and industrialization of common technology, the alliance is responsible for promoting the technological breakthrough and industrial diffusion of sponge City, the formulation and promotion of relevant technical standards, and the fund is responsible for supporting the development of relevant industrialized enterprises and third parties of innovation center Selection and incubation of innovation projects.

Core architecture