To implement the "made in China 2025 > Beijing action plan" (JZF [2015] No. 10). Gather resources to improve the technological innovation capacity of sponge city industry, accelerate the construction of high-end industries of sponge City, and accelerate the construction of national science and technology innovation center. Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology approved the establishment of Beijing sponge city application integration industry innovation center (hereinafter referred to as "innovation center").

The innovation center, led by Beijing Taining science and technology innovation Rainwater Utilization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Water Science and Technology Research Institute, GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jinhe Water Construction Group Co., Ltd., is jointly established with more than a dozen leading enterprises and institutions, with ZhongGuanCun sponge City Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. as the legal entity, forming the core layer , partner layer and radiation layer. The innovation center focuses on promoting the R & D and industrialization of advanced technologies, key generic technologies and their products of sponge City, mastering core patent technologies, forming a patent pool and technology achievement transformation system of national independent intellectual property rights, and realizing the applicable technology system of sponge city construction in different typical areas; Build a demonstration and application industrial chain of sponge City, establish a positive interaction industrial system of key links such as R & D, design, achievement transformation, industrialization, application and promotion of sponge city in the construction pilot area of sponge City, water pollution prevention and control field, etc; Establish a public service platform for sponge city standard formulation, third-party inspection and testing recognition, and R & D resource sharing, accelerate the large-scale application of sponge city construction technology in different fields, and promote the rapid development of sponge city industry.