As a new industry in the development stage, sponge city construction involves many new technologies, new construction methods and new material applications. It needs the coordination of planning, architecture, garden, water conservancy, water supply and drainage, road, geological survey and other disciplines, the cooperation of planning, housing and construction, finance, water affairs and other departments, and the cooperation of design, construction, acceptance, operation Maintenance and other multi link management. For the projects in the pilot area of sponge City, technical consultation and review shall be carried out according to the total runoff control rate target determined in the application materials of sponge city pilot. Strengthen the implementation effect of sponge city construction project, reasonably control the investment cost, improve the accessibility of control objectives, and ensure the project to pass the examination and acceptance of three ministries and commissions.

Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute has engineering planning, consulting, design, technical management, engineering implementation and other qualifications, design experience and rich engineering planning and implementation experience of thousands of rainwater control and comprehensive utilization projects. Participated in the application and construction of several pilot cities, and provided feasible planning, design and implementation scheme for the construction of sponge city.
Planning work
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