Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "sponge Institute") is established by Beijing Taining science and technology innovation Rainwater Utilization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Water Science and Technology Research Institute, GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jinhe Water Construction Co., Ltd. are four enterprises with core competitiveness in water related fields such as sponge City Product R & D and manufacturing, water science and technology research, smart city, water construction, etc., and jointly established independent legal entity Body.

Sponge Institute is committed to sponge City, water environment ecological governance, urban ecological landscape, zero carbon energy-saving buildings, creative villages and other fields, engaging in production activities such as "all-round technical innovation, full process professional services, multi field high-end leading, multi industry collaborative participation". Since its establishment, sponge Institute has successively assisted Beijing, Fuzhou and other cities in successfully applying for sponge city national pilot cities, participated in and completed the sponge city construction planning of Xicheng District, Changping District, Fangshan District, Yanqing District, etc. of Beijing, and mainly participated in and completed the design of Changchun Yitong River Environment comprehensive treatment engineering, Xining sponge city demonstration area sponge City Engineering, etc And water environment of provincial pilot cities and engineering design of key projects of sponge city.

In order to implement the "made in China 2025 > Beijing action plan" (JZF [2015] No. 10), and in accordance with the work requirements of Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, sponge Institute relies on four shareholders as the core layer, and takes the members of Zhongguancun green smart sponge city ecological home industry alliance as the partner layer, on March 28, 2018 Beijing sponge city application integration industry innovation center was successfully declared on April. The industrial innovation center aims to explore and solve common technical problems restricting the development of the industry through innovation and collaboration, and promote the industrialization of relevant technological achievements. Sponge Institute and Beijing Normal University, Beijing urban planning and Design Institute, Beijing hydrological station, etc. have successfully applied for Beijing Key Laboratory of urban water cycle and sponge city technology. The sponge Institute has carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of sponge city construction in combination with relevant scientific research institutions at home and abroad, such as the ecological environment research center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, so as to provide reliable intellectual support for the construction of sponge city.

Sponge Institute adheres to the tenet of "all-round technological innovation, full process professional service, multi field high-end leading, multi industry collaborative participation", studies the core technology in line with the strategic development and layout of China's sponge city construction, develops and promotes the industrialization of relevant products, and gradually establishes the public technical service platform and database of the industry and the international exchange platform. Through all-round coordination and innovation, sponge Institute will continuously enhance its ability to undertake tasks and provide services, and make due contributions to the construction of national sponge city and the improvement of water environment.