Water planning institute implements water saving organ construction of the Ministry of water resources

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01. Policy background

In order to thoroughly implement the "water saving priority" policy, conscientiously implement the requirements of the general tone of water conservancy reform and development of "water conservancy project improvement board, water conservancy industry strong supervision", and solidly promote the work of water conservation, on March 18, 2019, the Ministry of water resources issued the Notice of the Ministry of water resources on carrying out the construction of water conservation organs in water conservancy industry (SJ [2019] No. 92).

The notice specifies six parts of the overall idea, work objectives, main tasks, construction standards, construction procedures and safeguard measures for the construction of water-saving organs in the water conservancy industry, and also provides the construction standards of water-saving organs in the water conservancy industry as an annex to the notice.

02. Project background

Water resources and hydropower planning and Design Institute of the Ministry of water resources (hereinafter referred to as water planning and Design Institute) is the first batch of water conservation organization construction projects in Beijing. It is required to complete all reconstruction contents before the end of October, and carry out self-evaluation in accordance with the standard. Those with self-evaluation of more than 90 points shall apply to the National Water Conservation Office for acceptance.

03. Construction standard

The water-saving organ construction standard of water conservancy industry consists of three parts: water-saving technical indicators, water-saving management indicators and characteristic innovation indicators, with a total score of 105 points, including 100 points for water-saving technical indicators and water-saving management indicators, and 5 points for characteristic innovation indicators as additional items. The water-saving technical index is 50 points, which is composed of 6 indexes such as per capita water consumption and total water consumption; the water-saving management index is 50 points, which is composed of 5 indexes such as rules and regulations, measurement and statistics.

04. Construction highlights

The construction of water-saving organs is integrated with the reconstruction of sponge yard to build a smart water monitoring platform.

Development of unconventional water utilization

Building sponge Office Garden

Build intelligent rainwater monitoring platform

05. Summary

Beijing Taining Chuang rainwater utilization technology Limited by Share Ltd and Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute have carried out the implementation of the water conservation organs construction of the water regulation general hospital and the design units. The design and transformation process is guided by the new socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is guided by the implementation of China's water saving action. The overall control of water resources consumption and intensity is controlled by Xi Jinping. In order to improve the utilization efficiency of water resources, according to the principles of adapting measures to local conditions and being economical and applicable, we should integrate various water-saving measures, strengthen the management of water use process, build the water planning institute into a benchmarking unit with "strong water-saving awareness, complete water-saving system, popularization of water-saving instruments, advanced water-saving standards and strict monitoring and management", explore a construction mode of water-saving organs that can be replicated and popularized to the society, and a demonstration belt To save water for the whole society.