Zhongguancun sponge yard helps the flood control construction of Beijing Universal main park and resort -- sponge type temporary drainage facilities guarantee the smooth drainage of the park in 2019

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technical parameter

Total area of the park: 3.96k ㎡
Design return period of temporary drainage: 24h rainfall with 5-year return period
Rainfall intensity value: 24-hour rainfall 141mm
Maximum rainfall intensity: 13.89mm/5min
Total rainfall in the park: 560000m3

Site status

Type of underlying surface: a small number of construction management rooms and large area of backfill under construction
Current terrain: the site is leveled after backfilling and compaction, and the height difference within the site is 1-2m,
Current drainage: there is no obvious trend of drainage in the site. In the early stage of municipal pipeline construction, rainwater storage facilities or lifting facilities need to be set up separately.


1. Combined with the vertical terrain of the site, the gravity confluence and diversion are given priority to reduce the energy consumption of drainage;
2. Simple drainage ditch, using the existing terrain ditch through water diversion;
3. A large-scale centralized infiltration pool is set up in the open space of the site to absorb the rainwater in-situ, replenish the groundwater, raise the groundwater level and conserve the groundwater source;
4. Excessive rainwater gravity overflows to the West drainage channel or the East-West xiaotaihou River;
5. The rainwater stored in the infiltration tank is used for production water such as road washing in the area.

Overall design scheme

Facilities after rainy season

Project summary

There is no waterlogging in the area in 2019, no obvious water accumulation in the whole area after the completion of the construction of temporary drainage facilities of the project, and the sponge type temporary drainage facilities ensure the smooth drainage of the park in 2019. It not only reduces the total amount of rainwater discharged inside and outside the area, but also saves water resources. The stored rainwater is used for production water in the park.