Appreciation of landscape scheme of surface flow wetland of Yitong River in Changchun

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Project Name: landscape scheme of surface flow wetland of Yitong River in Changchun
Project location: Changchun City, Jilin Province, close to the middle section of Yitong River
Project category: ecological landscape planning project
Project scale: 42h ㎡
Design time: August 2019
Design company: Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute

Project introduction

The project land is surrounded by residential land, which is adjacent to Yongning road wetland and Sports Park in the South and about 750 meters away from Yongning road wetland. To the north is the nursery land, and the sports ground is planned. This design is divided into two plots, the South plot includes 29.4 hectares of Xinghua Zhabei wetland, the central Edelweiss park is 6.1 hectares of green land, a total of 35.5 hectares, and the North plot is 6.5 hectares of Sihua zhabean wetland. The total area is 42 hectares. The design makes full use of and combines the current vegetation to create an ecological and economical landscape; makes full use of the current pond to create a living wetland for water purification; fully excavates the possibility of space setting to create a green experience landscape.

Project status

Through field investigation and analysis, it is found that the core problems of the site status are as follows:
1. There are many existing ponds in the site, the water body is not circulating, and the water quality is seriously polluted.
2. The nursery area has a high coverage of seedlings and lacks space for design.
3. The garden road inside the site is not connected, and there is no public leisure facilities.

4. The landscape is dilapidated and the effect is poor.

Overall design concept

To create a panoramic feast of green life experience of "flowers and trees on both sides of the river depend on the water and the scenery along the river", and create a green life creative experience park integrating ecological experience, health and leisure, social entertainment and cultural publicity.

design strategy

Green bottom is the bottom, function is embedded; ecological and natural guidance is highlighted; plants make scenery, upgrade landscape; living wetland, water purification. By means of increasing green, quality and color, ecological river landscape planning and design with vitality and symbiosis are completed.

General plan

Spatial structure and spatial strategy

Reasonable arrangement of ecological area and leisure space: create 12 painting scenes and 18 nodes of landscape under the forest to form a colorful and functional leisure space under the forest; reasonably control the impact of leisure activities on the ecological environment: reasonably control the space scale of leisure activities to reduce the damage and impact on the ecological environment and natural vegetation; provide leisure service facilities and materials Ecological, reduction, emission reduction and harmless treatment.

Water intake mode and water system design

The existing ponds in the South Greenland management area are large and unconnected, the only water source is rainwater, which is unable to flow. The current pond is seriously polluted, the water body is seriously eutrophicated, the revetment plants are disorderly, and there is no hydrophilic facilities. Make full use of the available water replenishment conditions around, set a riverside water intake, adjust the water system line locally, and realize the connection of water systems in the wetland And reshape the ecological water circulation system.

There is a large pond in the north of the green land nursery in the south, the water source is rainwater, the water is dead water, and the water quality is poor. At the same time, the nursery area uses the existing ditch, sets a stream of 1-1.5m width, and sets a water intake point near the River in the position shown in the figure, which connects the streams and purifies the water quality.

Planning and utilization of nursery

Adhere to the concept of "respecting the current situation and scientific layout", summarize the current situation and design of the nursery:
1. The existing nursery should be fully utilized as a landscape element integration scheme;
2. Special treatment of characteristic plants, high-profile treatment of current characteristic plants, designed as node of characteristic plants;
3. The pattern of different ages and seasons, the landscape tree species different from the nursery plants, and the construction of different ages and colorful landscape plant space.

This case is a scheme stage of ecological landscape planning and design, which mainly combs from the aspects of current situation analysis, overall design, special design and investment estimation. The highlight of the scheme lies in the connection of the water system of the pit pond and the planning and utilization of the nursery, combing and integrating the new landscape resources in combination with the traditional landscape design, so as to create 18 scenes of ecological landscape feast in Yitong River Basin And plant landscape, expand the ecological green landscape with urban functions.