Gathering potential and win-win situation -- sponge City global grand ceremony held in Xi'an in September

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The 2018 International Symposium on sponge city construction will be held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province from September 8 to 10 this year. This will be the global sponge city activity with the highest academic level, the largest organization scale and the largest number of participating countries.

With the tenet of "experience sharing, potential gathering and win-win", the seminar has gathered more than 100 top experts and scholars from all over the world to form a luxury academic lineup. Scholars from the Americas, Europe, Australia, Oceania and Asia will bring advanced technology, core concepts and latest products, and work with Chinese experts to make a voice for the construction of sponge cities. At that time, 30 sponge pilot cities will gather at the scene to show themselves, explain doubts and build consensus. This seminar is composed of a keynote forum and more than 30 hot topics, contributing China's wisdom and China's programs to the construction of global ecological civilization.

With ZhongGuanCun sponge City Engineering Research Institute as the core, the whole industry chain ecosystem of sponge city will be presented in the form of "sponge city industry sub forum". The industry sub forum focuses on the development of sponge city industry. The reporter shares the new technology and new products and their applications in the process of rapid industrialization of sponge city. At the same time, the reporter shares and discusses the development, evaluation, testing and other industrial services of new technology and new products, and fully demonstrates the emerging technologies such as digital sponge city management and automatic operation of some facilities 。

The whole industrial chain ecosystem of sponge city includes multiple innovation carriers such as industrial innovation center, Engineering Research Institute, industrial alliance, industrial park, etc. it provides the whole industrial chain service of sponge city which includes "planning and design, investment and financing, construction management, operation and maintenance, industrialization".

Beijing sponge city application integration industry innovation center

As a collaborative innovation carrier of sponge city industry approved and established by Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the innovation center aims to break through the common key technologies of the industry, accelerate the transformation and industrialization of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and form a domestic influential high-end industrial cluster of sponge city. At the sub forum, the shareholders of the innovation center, Beijing Taining science and technology innovation Rainwater Utilization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Water Science and Technology Research Institute, GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jinhe Water Construction Group Co., Ltd., will focus on displaying the latest achievements of collaborative innovation.

Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute

The research institute is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and full process technical services through scientific research, consultation, planning, design, operation, monitoring, evaluation, etc. in the fields of sponge city construction, rainwater and flood control and utilization, watershed comprehensive treatment, black and smelly water treatment.

Zhongguancun green wisdom sponge city ecological home industry alliance

The alliance adheres to the tenet of "based on Zhongguancun, radiating the whole country, innovating science and technology, leading the development of the industry", gathers advantageous resources, actively studies core technologies in line with China's urban development and layout, and accelerates the linkage of "production, learning and research".

Beijing Key Laboratory of urban water cycle and sponge City Technology

The laboratory relies on Beijing Normal University, Zhongguancun sponge City Engineering Research Institute, Beijing Water Science and Technology Research Institute, Beijing urban planning and Design Institute, and Beijing hydrological station to build a cutting-edge technology support platform. According to the needs of sponge city construction, we should concentrate our technical efforts to tackle key problems, combine surface water and groundwater, water quality and quantity, flood control and waterlogging drainage with comprehensive management of water resources and water environment, and provide overall solutions for the construction of Beijing sponge city.

Sponge Zero Carbon Industrial Park

The industrial park is an ecological park integrating sponge city and zero carbon building concept, with a total construction area of 50000 square meters. The park is an important carrier of the industrial ecosystem, which gathers the upstream and downstream advantageous resources of the industrial chain of sponge City, builds a public service platform, innovation and entrepreneurship base and international exchange center of sponge City, and undertakes the transformation and industrialization of cutting-edge technological achievements.