Sponge city landscape aesthetics series -- selection of sponge facility plants

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As an important part of landscape design, plants are also the key elements in the construction of sponge city. In the construction of sponge City, priority should be given to the use of "green" facilities such as grass planting ditch, permeable brick, rainwater garden and sunken green land to organize drainage. The main planning and design concepts are "slow drainage and slow release" and "source dispersion" control, which not only avoids flood, but also effectively collects rainwater. Plants play an important role in achieving this ideal effect. Reasonable plant selection and design will play an auxiliary role in many aspects such as rainwater quality management, visual aesthetics and ecological environment, and can also achieve better management and later maintenance, so as to achieve the goal of sustainable landscape.

Pilot city construction project of sponge City -- Guichi Middle School of Anhui Province

1、 Basic requirements

The selection of plants in sponge facilities has higher requirements than ordinary green space, which needs to meet the requirements of drought resistance, flood resistance, rainwater interception, rainwater purification, low maintenance and low cost, etc. the functions of plants in sponge facilities are also affected by the time, frequency and depth of flooding, so try to select local trees with strong adaptability and resistance.

Sponge city pilot city construction project -- sponge landscape of 100m green belt in Xining

2、 Principle of choice

1. Plants with deep roots and developed roots shall be selected for sponge facilities to prevent rainwater erosion and soil erosion.
2. Plants with strong ability of filtering and purifying rainwater shall be selected as far as possible.
3. Give priority to the selection of native plants and attach importance to the stability and maintenance of the original ecosystem.
4. Considering the combination of various plants, not only can improve the landscape effect, but also can improve the rainwater purification capacity of sponge facilities.

Tongzhou Harvard cradle kindergarten

3、 Recommended varieties

The following are the plant species commonly used or recommended for sponge city construction in some northern areas: Pennisetum, Lythrum, Viola yedoensis, bergamot, Hemerocallis, iris, tall fescue, awn, Laoyu Carex, babaojingtian, bluesage, Hosta, Ophiopogon japonicus, iris, reed, Poa, etc.

Central Tower Park

According to the technical guide for sponge city construction - Construction of low impact development rainwater system, different sponge measures have different structures, functions and applicable conditions, and different requirements for plants. It is necessary to select and combine plants according to different conditions and facilities.

Wanghe Park

4、 Later maintenance and management

At the plant management and maintenance level of sponge facilities, it is necessary to clarify the management responsibilities of various facilities, ensure the investment of funds, regularly remove the blockage at the rainwater inlet, clear weeds, trim vegetation, increase irrigation in dry season, and maintain good vegetation conditions. It is suggested that the species with low growth rate should be selected to avoid over growth and form disordered landscape effect.

Tsinghua Shengyin hospital

5、 Conclusion

The function and landscape of sponge facilities are reflected in the selection, configuration, planting and maintenance of plants, which is a very critical and important link in the process of sponge city construction. As the participants and builders of sponge City, we need to supplement a lot of botanical knowledge to continuously promote the research of sponge city and other cutting-edge landscape technologies.

Sponge city pilot city construction project -- temporary administrative transition center of Gui'an New Area

Wen / Feng mengke (landscape center)

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